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Compass point West is quite engaging. That’s why we Love it and bet that you too. But to play it effectively,you need its currency – diamonds. These diamonds are very costly. They can cost your pocket up to $ 119. But we are sure that you don’t want to do that. That’s why, we have included two ways in which you can get compass point West diamonds, wood and gold without paying a dime.

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Next games oy have come with the latest additionto their game series after their famous game – the walking dead: no man’s land. It’s called “compass point: West.” This game is highly rated with 4.4 points at Google play store and 4.5 points at Apple’s iPhone play store. It also has over 100,000 downloads and 17,000+ reviews on the Google play store. So what is compass point West?

What is compass point west?

It’s a game situated in the Wild West where the outlaws rule. These evil dudes try to harm your friends and do bad to the society. You will have to stop them. However, compass point West is a construction game; You have to build a city. To do that, You have to construct things using wood, gold and diamonds. The basic currency in compass point West is diamonds. You can purchase these diamonds at a rate of $ 4.99 per 500 diamonds, and the number goes up to $ 119.99 per 14,000 diamonds. One more thing should be known; it’s free for all.

Anyone can play compass point west without logging in. But we recommend loggingin using your Facebook ID or you Google ID. It may help you in saving your data for a future time. As we have told you before,the main currency in compass point West is diamonds, to play the game properly – killing bad guys and making things up – you need moreand more diamonds.To help you in doing so, we have created a compass point West Hack tool that does that for you.

Let’s look at the 1st way.

The 1st way: using cheats and tricks

There are many cheats available for compass point West that can help you achieve more diamonds than you currently have. These cheatsnot only guarantee an increase in diamonds but will also help you in completing your compass point West campaign.

Compass point West Cheats:

  • When you are starting the game, do not try to go low on “troop cards”. As you will get less time for building the buildings, you will need more troops to do that early.
  • It is a good idea to plan your carpenter’s schedule effectively since you can build only one building at a time.
  • Start building the strength of troops when you have enough cards. It will take a lot of but it’s quite good to do that.
  • When you are in a stalemate, use your sidekicks with higher HP. That can reduce your damage. While your sidekicks are taking the damage, your hidden ordinary troops will kill the enemy.
  • In advanced levels, you will get even harder towns to build. Split your team in 2 to do just that. Find a common rally point from where you can give the instructions to your troops.
  • Do not waste your diamonds on anything that is not required. If you want to spend something, use the gold that you have. You can buy “notorious” cards from it.
  • Keep track of your battle points. You will require them to summon the sidekicks. Make sure to increase them when you are at the Fort.
  • Always try to analyze the zone before attacking it. It may save your life.
  • Use rates to get the extra stuff like cards.

After learning the cheats for compass point West, it’s time to get the hold of the compass point West hack tool.

The 2nd way: using compass point West hack tool

To reduce your hazards and problems of finding diamonds and what not, we have created a hack tool to do just that. Follow the instructions below to use it properly.

  1. Download the hack tool from this link.
  2. Connect your device to the computer.
  3. Choose the right OS of your device ( or iOS).
  4. Select wood, gold or diamond. It’s best to keep one choice at a time.
  5. Fill in the number of wood, gold or diamond beside them.
  6. After doing all of the mentioned above, click the start button.
  7. It will hack your game for you and show a message when .
  8. Done! Restart your game and enjoy.

Compass point West is a superb game to play. Make sure to use all the cheats for compass point West provided above to gain more wood, gold, and diamonds. If you are unable to gain more of these staff, use our compass point West hack tool to do just that. If you have any problems or queries regarding this post, you can surely contact us by writing a comment below or by writing your quarry on our contact us page.

Compass point West Hack tool

It is very easy to get, the currency of compass point West, diamonds. You just need the right tools to do it. That is why, by just using our compass point Hack tool you can get the diamonds easily. Follow the instructions below to properly use the hack tool.

Step 1: download the compass point West hack tool from this link. It will take not more than 20 to 25 seconds to do that.

Step 2: start the hack tool by double-clicking on the file.

Step 3: choose the number of diamonds, Woods, and gold by selecting and putting a number in front of them.

Step 4: Connect your device to your system. Make sure it is connected properly.

Step 5: Choose your device (Android or iOS) using the respective icons in the hack tool.

Step 6: if you may like, you can use the protection guard to enable protection.

Step 7: when you are ready and have done everything said in the above points, click on the start button.

Step 8: it will take some time to increase the points in your compass point West game. It’ll show a message when it’s done.

Step 9: done. Everything is added to your game.

Step 10: remove the device and restart the game.

That’s it! You have installed all the water, gold, and diamonds that you need to go through the game.

Compass point West is an exciting game. It is to make sure that you focus completely on the game whileplaying it. Use the steps provided above to get as many diamonds as you want to complete your campaign. Do not try to switch off the device while it’s connected to the hack tool. If you have any questions regarding compass point west hack tool or any other query regarding it, you can contact us by writing your queries below or on our contact-us page.


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